Equipoise 10
GraySpace Gallery '5 on The Rise'
Light 16 Patterns
GraySpace Gallery- 5 on the Rise
Light Patterns 16 (Detail)
Light Patterns 12
Light Patterns 15
Equipoise Sunburst
Equipoise 14
Equipoise 11
Equipoise 12
Kerrie Smith’s paintings capture the rapturous relationships of time, light and nature.

My current endeavor is to capture our changing planet. My artwork examines color and patterns in our environment— I’m interested in the changing intersection between place in city or nature. As an artist, I feel a responsibility to address these changes and the environmental impacts they have had in the California fire-driven eroding mountains, deserts and coastlines.
My latest series is titled Equipoise and Vapours and in these paintings, I make reference to a world that is constantly changing via incredible leaps of technology and unbelievable strains upon the environment. This has caused me to ask, “How we can arrive at a place where balance has been found between technology and nature?“ At what point do we begin to realize that we are not moving through a passive landscape? In both of these series, I imagine portraits of the organisms capable of lasting thousand of years, shining a light on our planet’s resilience in the face of human intervention. My work is a reflection that describes the complex counterbalance of asymmetries found in the dynamic forces of nature.