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“We are born of light.The seasons are felt through light. We only know the world as it is evoked by light”. Louis Kahn

Kerrie Smith’s paintings capture the rapturous relationships of time, light and nature. Her Light Patterns series reference this dynamic relationship primarily though her juxtaposition of dense color layers within an abstract geometric compositional structure. The color layers composed of meticulously organized dots form cloud like patterns of light, which flow through and across the geometric boundaries of the surface. Smith’s Light Patterns are a idiomatic language she has created to communicate to us the ephemeral interplay of light and the tangible structure of the physical world. Her richly textured patterns of color simultaneously define and erode the geometric boundaries within the paintings.

(Coleman Griffith is an Architect and architectural educator who lives and practices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara)

Kerrie is a visual artist and painter. Her abstractions, Land and Light Patterns  emanate from light and color patterns that she perceives in both natural and urban environments. The Light Patterns Series comes from her rich memories of California including it’s deserts and coastlines as well as urban experiences in Southern California and particularly Los Angeles.

The V-Series geometry references the sensuality in the abstract. Through the emergence of her light patterns this series refocuses and celebrates the Victorious Sensual Female.  Kerrie Smith likes to think these paintings dialogue with one another through the interaction of light patterns and geometric abstraction, which ultimately represents to the artist the synthesis and freedom of female intimacy.

Kerrie is British and attended The Park Art School Yeovil, Somerset UK and has a BA in 3-Dimensional/Theater Design from Central School Saint Martins, London UK and worked as a theater designer throughout Europe and USA.

She is the Founder/Creative Director of Art Walk for Kids/Adults a non profit that supports artists with disabilities in Santa Barbara Country for the past 15 years.



Wall Space Gallery- Gallery Owner: Valda Lake. 607 N. La Brea, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Phone 323 930 0471  #wallspacela,,

Corridan Gallery – Gallery Owner: Bill and Karen Fedderson: 125 North Milpas St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103. Phone: 805-966-7939.  Email:


Artsy Gallery


Member: Women’s Caucus for Art

Member: The Abstract Art Collective Santa Barbara
Member:  Los Angeles Art Association
Member : Santa Barbara Studio Artists
Member: UAL: University of the Arts London England



2018 Arena 1 Gallery Santa Monica-Art Speaks! Lend Your Voice-Women’s Caucus For Art- National Show Juried Curated: Jill Monoz

2018 B G Gallery Santa Monica-Stripes-Curated: Navon Bleicher

2018 Neutra Museum Gallery LA- Bowie-Juried Show-Curator:Dulce Stein

2018 Wesmount Ridley-Tree Museum of Art Santa Barbara, Annual Small Works Auction (By Invitation)

2017 Sullivan Goss Gallery Santa Barbara-100 Grand-Curated:Nathan Vonk. (By Invitation)

2017 Santa Barbara Arts Fund Gallery, Pop Bang Wow-Curated by James Van Ardale. (By Invitation)

2017 Wall Space Gallery LA “Sizzle” Summer Show- Curated By Valda Lake(By Invitation)

2017 BG Gallery Bergamot Station LA “Spectrum Gestalt “Curated By Om Bleicher (By invitation)

2017 Wall Space Gallery LA  “That Blitz Mentality” Juried Show-Curated By Valda Lake (By Invitation)

2017 Corridan Gallery -3 Woman Show Driven to Abstraction-Santa Barbara-Curated:William Fedderson.

2017 JCC Gallery Santa Barbara- ArtSee International Juried show Curated:Daniel Barnett

2017 Channing Peake Gallery, Santa Barbara, AAC Abstract Open III Juried Exhibition Curator/Juror: Lynn M.Holley

2017 Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara, AAC Abstract Open II -Juried Exhibition-Curator/Juror: Nancy Gifford

2016 BLAM Los Angeles The Night Opens/La Nuits’Ouvre-Curated:David Spanbock & Nadege Monchera Baer (By Invitation)

2016  City Hall Santa Barbara Ca Mayors Office-Curated:Joe LaCorte (By Invitation)

2016 Casa Gallery Santa Barbara, Beyond Living Walls-Juried Show-Curated by Kerry Methner

2016 Casa Gallery Santa Barbara-Fiesta Azul -Juried Show-Curated:Kerry Methner

2016 Going Abstract-Juried Show- Carpinteria Arts Center  Ca-Curated:Hugh Margerum (By Invitation)

2016 Abstract Art Collective Summer Selections-Juried show -Art at the JCC Gallery Santa Barbara

2016  ArtSEE: AAC’s SEE International Faulkner Gallery Ca- By Invitation- Curated: Jan Zeigler

2016 Palm Loft Gallery-Make Hay While The Sun Shines- Juried/Curated: Arturo Tello,

2016 Abstract Open II- Juried Show Faulkner Gallery  Santa Barbara CA-Curated by Maiza Hixson

2016  Ca-Pathways -Juried Show- Carpinteria Arts Center CA-Curated: Michael Drury

2016 Imaginations-Juried Show- Carpinteria Arts Center CA- Curated by Tomas Van Stein

2015 Seasons On-Juried Show-Carpinteria Arts Center CA-Curated:Marcia Burtt

2015 Californian Dreaming-Juried Show Carpinteria Arts Center CA-Curated:Dane Goodman

2015  From an Abstract Point Of View-Juried Show-Carpinteria Arts Center  CA-Curated:Jill Sattler

2015 Printmaking Show-Juried Show-Atkinson Gallery Santa Barbara CA-Curated: John Iwerks

2015 Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art Santa Barbara-By Invitation-Off the Wall Fundraiser-Curated: Nancy Gifford



2017 AAC Abstract Open II Juried Exhibition Faulkner Gallery Santa Barbara Jurors Award

2016 Summer Selections AAC’s -Art at the JCC Gallery Santa Barbara – Honorable Mention

2016 AAC Abstract Open II -Faulkner Gallery  Santa Barbara- Jurors Award

2016 Pathways- Carpinteria Arts Center – Jurors Choice Award

2016 Imaginations- Carpinteria Arts Center  – Honorable Mention

2015 Seasons On – Carpinteria Arts Center  – Honorable Mention

2015 From an Abstract Point Of View- Carpinteria Arts Center – Jurors Award

2015  California Dreaming- Carpinteria Arts Center – Jurors Award

2015 Printmaking Show- Atkinson Gallery  Santa Barbara – Honorable Mention

The Park Art School, Yeovil, Somerset England, Foundation Art & Design

Central School Saint Martins, London England, BA with Hons

Fielding Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, Non-Profit Leadership Program