Light Patterns
Equipoise 2
Equipoise 3
Equipoise 1
Equipoise 4 20x20 Acrylic:Wood Panel
Light Patterns 15 Acrylic/Canvas 60x72x1.5
Light Patterns 13- 60x72x1.5 Acrylic/Canvas
Kerrie Smith Light Patterns 12 Acrylic:Canvas 60x72x1.5
Kerrie Smith Light Patterns 8 Acrylic:Canvas 48x36x1.5
Kerrie Smith Light Patterns 10 Acrylic/Canvas 48x36x1.5-Private Collection
Light Patterns 11 Acrylic/Canvas 48x36"x2
Light Patterns 14 Acrylic:Canvas 48x36x2
Corridan Gallery Opening Santa Barbara
Light Patterns Studio
Light Patterns 9 Acrylic/Canvas 48x36x1.5 Private Collection
Kerrie Smith Light Patterns 7 Acrylic:Canvas 48x36x1.5
Light Patterns #6 Acrylic/Canvas 48x36x1.5-Private Collection
Wall Space Gallery Opening
V1 Acrylic/Canvas 48x36x1.5
V2 Acrylic/Canvas 48x36x1.5
V3 Acrylic/Canvas 48"x36"x2
Wall Space Gallery LA
V-Nuit Acrylic/Canvas 24x20x1.5
Light Patterns-Color Boxes 12x12 Acrylic on Wooden Panel
Light Patterns Sunset 1-Acrylic on Wooden Panel 12x12x1.5
Light Patterns J -Acrylic on Wooden Panel 12x12x1.5 (Private Collection)
Kerrie Smith Light Patterns 5 Acrylic/Canvas 48x36x2-Private Collection
Light Patterns F -Acrylic on Wooden Panel 12x12x1.5
Light Patterns 1- Acrylic/Canvas 12x12x1.5 (Private Collection)
Light Patterns 3 Acrylic/Canvas 48x36x1.5-(Private Collection)
Light Patterns G -Acrylic on Wooden Panel 12x12x1.5
Light Patterns 2 Acrylic/Canvas 36x30x1.5-(Private Collection)
Light Patterns i -Acrylic on Wooden Panel 12x12x1.5 (Private Collection)
Light Patterns C -Acrylic on Wooden Panel 12x12x1.5
Kerrie Smith’s paintings capture the rapturous relationships of time, light and nature. Her Light Patterns series reference this dynamic relationship primarily though her juxtaposition of dense color layers within an abstract geometric compositional structure. The color layers composed of meticulously organized dots form cloud like patterns of light, which flow through and across the geometric boundaries of the surface. Smith’s Light Patterns are a idiomatic language she has created to communicate to us the ephemeral interplay of light and the tangible structure of the physical world. Her richly textured patterns of color simultaneously define and erode the geometric boundaries within the paintings.